Interviews with teachers

This probably the part I care the most about, the reason why I decided to start this project. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of teachers abroad and I have always find talking to them really interesting. I could not only get to know about a new school system but also find out  ideas on how to improve my teaching  skills. I just thought it would be really fascinating to see how people teach all over the world. I have therefore started to contact my friends and ask them to put me in touch with passionate teachers who could share their views on their school system but also give me a few tips on how to become a better teacher.

1- Mila Grinari (Finland)

I started this project with a great friend of mine : Mila.  We met a very long time ago, in Copenhagen doing an Erasmus exchange. Mila was training to be a teacher and has been ever since teaching Finnish in high school and Finish as a foreign language. Mila loves her job and told me why. She also explained how the famous Finish school system work.

I hope you’ll enjoy her interview

2- Birgitte Westfall (Denmark)

When I started talking about my project , a friend of mine from Denmark mentionned that he knew exactly who I should speak to. He put me in touch with Birgitte Westfall. Birgitte teaches maths and PE. She has also started her own business, where she coaches teachers in schools to motivate students in an usual way. Her interview is definitely worth listening to.

Let’s go.

3- Sonja Cherry-Paul ( USA)

My great friend Ali leaves in New York. She  has 2 boys who attend a local New York Public school.  I thought I could ask her about a passionate teacher she knew. She asked her boys and they both said straight away : Mrs Cherry Paul. I was very intrigued about why they both liked her so much. I got in touch with Sonja, and had the chance to speak to her. It then all made sense… and I am sure it will for you too.

I have to apologise for some technical issues. Beeing not so experienced with technology, I have just realised that the program I used did not record my voice, but just Sonja’s. You will find the interview starts with a big 10 second blanck, and is actually a monologue. I still think you can guess the questions and what Sonja has to say is really interesting without my own voice 😉

Let’s listen. 

4- Alexandre French (Ontario, Canada)

This one is in french 😉

Mon amie Sarah a quitté la France, et après un passage à Washington, elle est revenue vivre avec ses 2 enfants à Toronto. Elle a choisi une école bilingue, l’école secondaire publique De la Salle,  dont elle a parlé de manière enthousiaste sur sa page facebook. J’ai visité le site de l’école et lu des articles. J’ai trouvé l’approche de cette école vraiment intéressante.  J’ai eu envie de discuter avec des professeurs. Après avoir contacté la directrice par l’intermédiaire de Sarah, Alexandre French m’a répondu. Nous nous sommes entretenus pendant presque 3/4 d’heure mais la discussion aurait pu durer encore plus longtemps. L’approche du métier d’Alexandre est passionnante.

Allez vite l’écouter (ne vous arrêtez pas aux petits bruits parasites…mea culpa…)


5- Interview with Frankie Tsui (Taïwan)

Frankie is teaching in a international school in Taïwan. I knew nothing about this system and this country so I was very excited to speak to her. I really learned a lot and realised that teachers there get a lot of help to improve their teaching technics. I hope you like her interview. 


6- Interview avec Magalie (Munich, Allemagne)

Mon fils a eu la chance de passer 2 mois à Munich et a rencontré Magalie, une formidable professeur de français qui l’a accueilli dans son cours. Magalie a vraiment marqué son séjour et j’ai eu envie de la rencontrer pour qu’elle me parle un peu de son métier, mais aussi de sa vision du système allemand, elle qui vit dans ce pays depuis de nombreuses années maintenant. Elle en a profité pour me parler d’un projet qui vient d’être mis en place au sein de l’école et qui pourrait nous donner des idées.

Bonne écoute !